DIY Christmas creation

My mother surprised my boyfriend and me with Christmas cards she ordered online. In return, I created a Christmas gift, including one of the Christmas cards, for my mother!

I purchased a clear plastic box at around $4.00. First, placed the card itself in the box. I did so caddy cornered so you could still see the back of the Christmas card, since mine has a back with a small message. Next, I purchased a “green landscape” for $3.00 and used that as the green you will see. White glitter served as snow atop the green landscape dispersed inside the box. A wirey decoration caught our eye while craft-searching so we slid the circular white and red balls off and let that add a small holiday touch. Again, no more than $3.00. A little extra wrapping paper was put on the lid so the box could resemble a present, with the addition of bows, a polka dot bow around the entire box, and a Christmas tag. In about 30 minutes, I had created a from-the-heart, Christmas mantle decoration for my mom! She loves it <3.

Hope you enjoyed and may this spark a little creativity in you! Aiming to have at least another Christmas DIY.

Happy Holidays โค

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