DIY Galaxy Tee

I now want to “galaxy-fy” all my clothing!

First tank top attempt:

What You Need:

–laundry bleach in a spray bottle, acrylic paints (I chose teal, purple, light blue), paint brushes (even an old toothbrush!), cup of water, glitter & white paint optional and adds great detail.

OH, and a black shirt!! Or any black article of clothing.

1.) Take your spray bottle of bleach and lightly spray your black clothing. Gradually you will notice red patterns scattered across the shirt. Spraying lightly at first and slowly will keep you from over doing it, because you can add more as you go along!

2.) Soon after you have completed spraying the bleach onto the clothing, add your glitter. This will assist in maintaining the glitter effect longer. I used blue, silver, and white.

3.) Begin to take your brushes and smear, splatter, and/or blot your paint colors as you wish on your shirt! Do not be afraid to smudge the paint in and get a little crazy with it. Again, starting small and slow will help you judge what you want and where you want it as you go along. I had my cup of water to mix in with the paint a little for faded effects. Do not leave out the sleeves and top of the shirt!

Finished product!

Hope you enjoyed ^.^ ย Feel free to leave comments/questions!

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