Brawley’s Beverage

Don’t judge me, but I FINALLY had the chance to visit Brawley’s Beverage! How many times can someone pass a beer shop without going in? The only answer is, too many.

As I most recently have been forcing myself out of my bubble, I traveled maybe a whole 2 miles to Brawley’s for some great beer. Small steps! I was really pumped to see Blackberry Farm Brewery on tap since I went to Tennessee not too long ago! Their Garden Shed IPA is SO delish. Then I indulged in a little Tropical Torpedo IPA from Sierra Nevada.

I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere here! Very laid back and welcoming. Surprising what a ‘hey folks!’, or ‘are you guys from this part of town?’ will do when you see an unfamiliar face!


The gentleman behind the bar was great, and we even had the pleasure of getting in some small talk with Brawley himself!

And is their shelving not fantastic? I was mesmerized. While you may not be able to drink the bottles & cans offered at Brawley’s Beverage on site, you can take goodies home and enjoy what’s on tap there!

Their beer menu is powered by Untappd and displayed on two separate screens, both angled on either side of the bar. Did you know you can use the Untappd app to check out Brawley’s Beverage beer menu prior to visiting? Too awesome! Their TV is even positioned perfectly for those taking advantage of the outside seating to view!


I look forward to returning, likely very soon, now that I’m stalking them on Untappd.

Check out the below for all things Brawley’s Beverage!

Untappdย – FacebookInstagram

Visit Brawley’s Beverage at

4620 Park Rd, Charlotte, NC 28209


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  1. Blush and Brews says:

    I still haven’t been here either. I’m so ashamed of myself! An iconic place in Charlotte. Looks like my kinda place!

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