The Daily – Charlotte

Excited about crossing The Daily off of my restaurant list! I hate I waited so long to go. Upon entry, you’re greeted by the hostess – but as usual we headed to the bar. Dark setting, tavern vibes. There’s TVs all around and their tap list is nice and large!

Casually, the starters of choice were wings and ribs. Both were delicious! But those ribs.. are insane. Confit and fried, blueberry BBQ sauce, and apple Dijon slaw. We then moved on to one of the main dishes we heard you could not pass up, the Crab and Bacon Gnocchi.

What a warm, delicious bowl of happiness. Lump crab, fresh corn, bacon, roasted tomatoes, and Parmesan. One of the more tasty entrees I’ve indulged in lately. Since we had shared everything thus far, we made the executive decision to get one more item!

The Daily Mac! House ground double burger, jack cheese, lettuce, onions, pickles, sesame seed bun, and really good string fries! Nice and juicy with lots of flavor. Over all, everything was awesome! Each bartender checked in with us, even after my multiple orders. Then I watched someone create shots for some folks, so I asked for two! On the weekends they have a DJ that starts around 10. This is kind of my dream scene. I just smashed some great food with a brew, now tunes and a Cinnamon Toast Crunch shot. Cheers to The Daily!

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