Sunday Fun Day Date

What I love about Sunday’s, is having them off with bae, and doing exactly whatever it is that we want. I know it may seem like we are doing that 24/7, and well, we usually are. Those are also my best days to load up on content to plant throughout the week while I am at the ole 9-5. After cuddling with our puppy, eating our Cowbell left overs from delivery the night before, and took a nap.. we were off!

I picked the first stop, always like to start out by the house and see where the day goes. Pop The Top was a great choice! They are forever the friendliest folk, and are not bashful with the brews they offer. Luckily, Sunday is $7 Flight Day, so the choice was a little easier! I went with Neuse River Brewing’s “Streamside Orange Creamsicle” Sour Ale, Mikkeller Brewing’s “Floccy Balboa DIPA”, Bond Brothers Brewing “Trubulent Flight DIPA”, and Assclown Brewery’s “Purple Swirl IPA”. IT WAS PURPLE. We played “What Do You Meme?”, which is wildly offensive and inappropriate so, lots of fun. And yes, just two people can play. We wrapped it up and grabbed a beer for the house and a very necessary tub of BBQ pimento cheese.

Still in game mode, we wandered next to Palmer St. Game Bar. This spot is perfect for a Sunday. They always have great drink specials, and the games are free! Aside from Hoop Fever, Skee Ball, Air Hockey, and pinball. We only stayed for one beer, because on our journey to Palmer St., Unknown Brewing sat casually and it hit me – they’ve been renovated. So naturally, we popped in for a gander and brew!


Unknown Brewing has quite a few upgrades. The full wrap around bar is awesome. I like that it brings a flow to their space. Everything is done beautifully. The bright colors have been replaced with wood and more natural colors. I love the enormous hop light leading to the rooftop bar. And what a view they have. The Bank of America stadium was hazy through the fog, so I can’t wait for a clear Carolina blue sky game day! They’re focusing on their rooftop patio reveal March 24th, the day of their 4.5ish Funk Fest to celebrate their anniversary.

We returned back to our place, where we can walk to Suffolk Punch, so of course we did. I had Hyde Brewing’s ‘New Bern Brown Ale’, cleverly named after the Lynx Station in which you use to visit Suffolk Punch! We had eaten there recently, so we wanted to switch it up. Why not do what you did last Sunday? “Sushi Sunday” is a recurring theme with us. It’s SO AMAZING EVERY TIME, it’s hard to not go to Rusan’s once a week. A carafe of sake and large Sapporo to split is a requirement. I have yet to have a bad roll. The spicy edamame was a new item for me, and it was simply amaze.

After something like the best day ever, it definitely makes the work week less dreadful! Nothing some beers, games, and sushi can’t remedy. Hope everyone has a fantastic week, looking forward to St. Paddy’s Day Weekend!


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