Twisted Eats Sunday Brunch

I have been a huge fan of the food at Wooden Robot Brewery since the beginning. Chef Rob has a seriously cool culinary background prior to taking on Charlotte, NC – and we are so lucky to have him. From the food truck on the corner of Wooden Robot, to working in the space adjacent to it and driving the food over via golf cart, to opening the gastropub attached to Wooden Robot, and launching a food truck at Hoppin’ – this is just what he’s doing in Charlotte, in addition to catering and having out of state ventures. His company Kre8 Experiences is behind the Twisted Eats name. And he has now blessed us with Sunday brunch.

Kegs and Eggs At The Bot

sundays only
Avocado Egg toast, Chic-n-The Waffles Tacos, Lightly Hopped Hash,
Monkey Business French Toast

It’s going to be hard to pick a favorite. The ‘Chic-N-The Waffle Tacos’ have crisp waffle shells, the most delicious sriracha fried chicken, asian cabbage, and maple syrup! The ‘Avocado Egg Toast’ has avocado mash, microgreens, tomato, mushroom, and a farm fresh egg sunny side up.

Lightly Hopped Hash

This was my favorite. The ‘Lightly Hopped Hash’ comes with hop butter fried farm fresh eggs, sriracha fried chicken (yum), pimento cheese, and a fried parmesan & rosemary potato hash.

Monkey Business

Easy second favorite, Monkey Business! This french toast is stuffed with hazelnut mousse and sliced banana, brown sugar syrup, whipped cream. SO FLUFFY and tasty.


I will definitely return for the rest of the menu like a brunch flatbread and burrata caprese waffles. Twisted Eats is also not only offering the perfectly crafted Wooden Robot Brewery beers, but also beer-mosa’s, mimosas, micheladas, Enderly coffee, and even a juice flight. See you this Sunday for Kegs & Eggs At The Bot!

I always appreciate when the crew has me out to speak on how awesome they are. Until next (week) time!

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