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Well, a month later and we are still living in the ‘new norm’. Where one of us doesn’t leave the house (besides 8am grocery store visits and beer pickup) and the other drives to and from work each day.. and that is it. We ARE keeping up with supporting our local community via takeout and delivery! Below will be a list of spots we have supported through the Stay at Home order. Please let us know if you have somewhere else we should check out!

The Waterman
Mon-Fri: 4-9p
Sat-Sun: 12-9p
Takeout/Delivery Available Online Here

Walking distance from us just across South Blvd, we definitely frequent Waterman. They have a beautiful delivery truck that is currently servicing within a 2 mile radius. They have added new options like a Chicken Sandwich, Bacon Swiss Burger, and macaroni – as well as family style options with cod & shrimp (and more) or Alfredo pasta with chicken and/or shrimp! If you didn’t know, Waterman is linked to Ace No 3 so don’t sleep on those burgers!

I am fairly certain I have never experienced The Waterman whether in person or delivery without the Shrimp Cocktail! The shrimp is consistently chunky and super fresh. They sent us their Nautical Mule Cocktail kit, we just have to make a pit stop to the Alphabet store this week!

The Billy Jack’s Shack NoDa
Mon-Fri: 4-9p
Saturday: 2-9p
Takeout/Delivery Available Online Here

BJ’s was loved the second they opened in NoDa with their unique fried macaroni nugs, chicken nug boxes, wide range of cheeseburgers, awesome BJ staples, and much more. I always say if I’ve take a family member, I really like it. Luckily, we’ve experienced their dinner and brunch. Even MORE lucky, they’re doing breakfast for dinner on Monday right now with their curbside pickup / zip code specific delivery options!

Most recently, the version of the fried macaroni nugs were chorizo + bell pepper and amazing! For their 4/20 special, they had Pizza Nugs. Fried chicken, mozzarella, marinara, and pepperoni. The Oreo crumble and Nutella drizzle waffle speaks for itself. Do not sleep on Billy Jack’s Shack!

Fahrenheit Food Truck – Rooftop 21
Call 704-787-2434 to Pre-Order
Follow @roof.top21 on Instagram for location, menu, hours, etc.

Typically located at the bottom level of the Fahrenheit location (think valet) – they have also been popping up elsewhere. We urge you to follow their Instagram! The food is just as outstanding on ground as it is via rooftop. Ahi Poke, Spicy Chicken Katsu Sandwich, Pork Fries, etc.!

All of the dishes were truly spectacular! The pork itself was extremely tender with great, subtle flavor. The rice and cucumbers were even worth talking about! The tuna stood out the most and was mixed with the masago and rice for a delightful poke bowl.

Dumpling Lady – Optimist Hall
Mon-Sun 11a-8p
Curbside Order Online Here
Pull through drive-thru for an Optimist Hall Ambassador to go in and grab your order. (They have punch cards for each visit – 5 punches = $20 gift card to your favorite food hall stall.)

Through the weekend, we can find a day where we are both off of work to make our rounds (which I say is the safest way to do it, pick 1 day early as possible). We had visits to make to Edge City Brewing, Heist Brewery, and Fonta Flora CLT at Optimist Hall. The beer aspect is really Danny’s, and me (the ‘foodie’) not being the planner – I didn’t really let it sink in until we were cutting the corner of OH.

I told Danny I was sorry, but I panic ordered Dumpling Lady. She used to visit Triple C Brewing once a weekend, which is our backyard. Or we could find her at Food Truck Friday at Resident Culture. I am very thankful for the Optimist Hall Ambassadors waiting for us to drive thru so they can scoop our orders, and for shrimp & chicken and sweet pork belly dumplings.

Groucho’s Deli Park Road
Mon-Sun: 11a-9P
Takeout/Curbside Ordering Online Here
DoorDash delivery available!

Often when we are at home discussing food options, I remind us we need new content. Yes, we buy a lot of our food! We miss the occasional foodie dinner – but we have been supporting local since the beginning of our craft beer days in Concord at Lil’ Roberts Place. We also Amazon’d new lighting (hehe). Browsing DoorDash, we landed on Groucho’s Deli! Their most popular sandwich is the ‘STP Dipper’. Made with an extra special blend of roast beef, turkey, Swiss cheese melt and real bacon crumbs on a fat sub roll. Add their Famous Dressing ‘95’; but always served with Groucho’s Potato Chips, and a dill pickle spear.

My Wife’s Salad Bowl is one of my favorites. Clearly not for health purposes. Piles of fresh ham, turkey, real bacon crumbs, and diced cheese and cheddar cheese served on a bed of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and green leaf base, dressing of your choice. DELICIOUS. Groucho’s Deli has a pretty intense menu, we definitely look forward to trying something new.

Devil’s Logic Brewing
Tues-Sun: 12-8p
DoorDash + PostMates (includes beer)
or 704-666-1001 for curbside

We have become very fond of Devil’s Logic Brewing! Of course we are going for delicious beer (captain obvious) – but we were pleasantly surprised by their food menu items! The ‘Meat Sweats’ flatbread, Shrimp Tempura tacos, and Crab & Cucumber Lettuce Wraps are some solid starters! The lettuce wraps have total sushi roll vibes. The tacos have pineapple pico de gallo sooooo, yeah.

My eyes are always on alert for a Cuban, and I was very happy with that decision! Whole grain mustard and crisp dill pickle is always an obvious choice. The Korean BBQ Short Rib Sandwich was also stellar! Pretty perfect in size, with the perfect (sambal) aioli – and the cilantro set it off.

Niko’s Grill
Mon-Fri: 7a-3p
704-394-6520 call to preorder for pickup!

You ever follow someone online forever and feel like you would be best friends? Then you finally meet and it is instant love! The early Monday through Friday hours typically wouldn’t work for our schedules, but these aren’t normal times y’all. So thankfully, we are on the verge of becoming regulars. ‘The Niko’ is a hot sub with steak, provolone, and LTO (unless you are picky like Danny). I kept sliding steak slices to nibble on, very tasty!

‘The Club’ sandwich was also killer and massive! Triple decker with ham, turkey, bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Served with some equally scrumptious crinkle fries. I sub’d them once for a side salad – also worth it, and as you guessed it, larger than a normal side salad! We recommend the ‘Deli Sliced Chicken’ and ‘Supreme Wrap’, too. Tell them we sent ya!

1900 Mexican Grill
12-9p every day – order online!
Call for specific delivery / location options.

We consistently crave the great Mexican cuisine! 1900 has been an easy choice any time the craving hits ever since we were introduced to it. The ‘Camarones a La Mexicana’ is incredible with grilled jumbo shrimp, sautéed mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers & onions, Mexican rice & slaw. Pretty sure I could have this at any point in the day.

Another one of our favorites at 1900 is the ‘Arroz con Pollo’. Simple ingredients with all the flavor! We also recommend the carnitas tacos, Mexican corn on the cob, and the burrito chimi style aka smothered in queso. It was a pleasant surprise the Park Road location delivered to us, definitely inquire within on those specific details.

This list will grow as we go, at least 4 new restaurants will be added every other day. Have a safe and happy week!

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