Beers, Burgers, and Wings

When someone from out of town hits you up for suggestions and you run wild with them — it us. If you are also looking for beers, burgers, and/or wings to satisfy your group that may have kiddos ages 7-11 (or not!) — listed below are some of our favorites!

Salud Beer Shop & Cerveceria – NoDa

If you’ve been following us for awhile, we are pretty obvious about Salud being a top stop. Started as a bottle shop, now also a brewery, add in some of the most creative wing, pizza, etc. dishes & it is no wonder we are hooked!

Ace No. 3 – Belmont, Concord Mills, Myers Park

Ace’s became Charlotte’s favorite burger almost as quickly as their multiple locations are popping up! Between the comeback sauce, stacking as many patties as you want, a fried bologna option, delicious fries, and the [boozy] shakes — how can you not love Ace’s!? Really enjoy the neighborhood the OG Belmont location is in if you are nearby.

Bad Daddy’s – multiple locations

A burger and beer bar that also has wings — all requirements met! With a plethora of burgers as well as other sandwich options, chicken tenders, nachos, + some of the most delectable tater tots and signature sauce in the game!

Ed’s Tavern – Dilworth

As a local, Ed’s could mean your favorite late night spot or local sports bar. We have had this entire menu and probably order the southwest egg rolls and macaroni burger more than anything! Plenty of indoor / outdoor seating + even some in between.

Brewer’s at Yancey — South End

A massive facility that even has multiple outdoor patios and a dog run! (We take our dogs around OFTEN.) Yancey houses four breweries — Victory, Southern Tier, Bold Rock, and Victory. They are also a full service bar & restaurant. They have your ideal bar food such as wings, pizza, tacos, etc. We have also had some stellar entrees like jambalaya and scallops.

Optimist Hall — NoDa

Optimist is a very popular food + more hall. You can look forward to stalls that house: dumplings, pizza, tacos, ice cream, hamburgers, ramen, and more, plus plenty of drink stops along the way.

Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram — spacekaseclt. I think I’ll look forward to your questions more often so that I can turn them in to lists like this for others to benefit off of. Thanks for the support, let us know what you’d like to see next.

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