Lincoln Street Kitchen and Cocktails

South End is growing! With no signs of stopping any time soon. As long as the growth comes with places like Lincoln Street Kitchen and Cocktails, we 1000% approve. We were fortunate enough to attend an evening dining with them, and a morning enjoying their brunch. Located directly beside it’s sister concept that is Craft Growler Shop and Tasting Room, you can actually travel to both without going outside! The vibe between the two definitely works. With the addition of a rooftop patio and a nice little view of the city, it is no wonder how quickly this has grown in to a favorite neighborhood stop.

Lincoln Street has a very relaxing feel to it. I enjoy that it is a smaller dining room and dimly lit for an intimate setting. The cocktails are delightful, I try my best to switch it up every visit. And we visit Craft & Lincoln a LOT. I enjoyed the ‘Four Vogues’ with gin, aperol, charred Concord grapes, lemon, and basil. We started with House Duck Pastrami, Roasted Shishito Peppers, and Beet & Hummus Toast. The peppers were pretty good, but the pastrami was the favorite. The mustard stood out since it was sooo spicy, but the good spicy! Like the good kind you don’t mind sweating through. I was dipping anything I could find in there. The main entree of Wagyu was extremely tender and juicy, nestled amongst crispy baby yukons, pearl onions, and chili vinaigrette. The roasted squash definitely complimented the meat. I have my sights set on the bacon wrapped dates, pan roasted chicken, and pomme purée for the next visit!

Brunch had a quiet start this past weekend, and I am feeling confident enough to say this is one of the best brunch menus in the city. Every single thing was delightful, which should come as no shock since Chef Ivan came from another concept these folks are part of that is Suffolk Punch.

They have the Avocado Toast you all love so much, but I think there are other options that might steal the show. Eggs Purgatory is their take on shakshuka and I loved it. With spicy tomato, feta, cilantro, and served with Verdant bread. If you have dined with me, you know I am one to skip on bread. I don’t care for it, it fills me up way too quickly, and I have a hard time finding places where their bread couldn’t also double as a weapon. Why so hard? Verdant is where it’s at! So, when the Ricotta Berry Challah Toast was placed on the table, I figured I would let my table enjoy it. NOPE. The fluffiest lemon ricotta with maple toasted almonds and berries! This is one of those scenarios where I ask if everyone is cool with me licking the plate. My foodie friends get it. Next in rotation were Turkish Eggs. If I’m honest, I had never heard of Turkish Eggs until this experience, but I now expect everyone to know this is how I prefer my eggs- with yogurt, Aleppo brown butter, and dill. As obvious as I make it that I enjoy playing with my food, I had a time popping the eggs and creating a yolk show.

The Croque Madame may have been my absolute favorite, and I am not even a sandwich person. (Because well, bread.) I loved the soft, thin slices that held ham, gruyere, and Mornay sauce while topped with a sunny-side up egg! Every bite was like the first one all over again. I am convinced I have to go back for more, especially the Cuban because I do actually really love those. Their Shrimp & Grits were a hit too with wild gulf shrimp, charred tomato, and anson mills grits. That shrimp was thick and full of flavor! No skimpy shrimpies here. I have a feeling this will be a brunch that will require an early arrival unless you are okay with waiting, which I am not. The Petite Belgian Waffles, Deviled Eggs, and Biscuits and Gravy are all available as well! The biscuits come with your choice of: sausage gravy, bacon jam, or chocolate gravy! I personally am a huge sausage gravy fan and this hit the spot for me. There I was though, doing everything except chugging the bacon jam. IT IS SO GOOD. The chocolate reminded me of hot fudge and whodathunkit, but it absolutely worked!

Again, their cocktail program is amazing. So of course getting to check out the different brunch drinks was a pleasure. The bartenders said they would play with more ingredients that would assist in getting rid of that nasty hangover, or just getting your day started out right! I went with the Kir Royal with chambord, dolin blanc, and Prosecco. So smooth and delicious. Their cold brew cocktail Cup of Ambition has toasted pecan infused vodka, fernet, and vanilla. WOW. Or you can always keep it simple with a mimosa and OJ or grapefruit juice! Their Bloody Mary mix was spot on, so many of those will certainly be had. I say all of that to say, you guys really need to get to Lincoln Street Kitchen and Cocktails. Cheers!

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