Five Places To Brunch/Lunch Before You Crawl

This Saturday is going to be pretty busy in Charlotte as folks celebrate St. Patrick’s Day since the actual day falls on a Tuesday. Between Rich and Bennett’s 20th Annual St Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl uptown and The Craft Crawl in South End (and soooo much more), you are going to need to EAT.. and drink water. Luckily the establishments mentioned will have both.

QC Pourhouse

These fine folks are the sponsor of the complimentary trolley rides between participating Craft Crawl locations! Aside from that and it being one of the newest popular South End stops, their food is awesome.

Their Buddha Burger is double patty stacked, American cheese, LTO, pickles, QCPH sauce. Adding bacon and/or egg is optional and obvious. Did you know they offer a Beyond Burger veggie patty upon request? Their fries are super tasty, and would definitely recommend the Philly Fries!

It will also be weekend brunch for them! The Chicken One has chicken tenders, bacon, egg, cheddar cheese, peppers, onions, home fries. LOVED this one. Their French Toast is topped with bacon and syrup with a pillowy-esque texture. Another favorite is Jay’s Favorite that has grilled blackened chicken, jalapeños, cheddar, LTO, and QCPH Sauce on a potato roll.

The Daily Tavern

Located downtown off of N. Church St, The Daily will get you started with cozy, tavern vibes and a delightful patio to begin the people watching. To start, get the fried pickles and white cheddar biscuits with honey butter and pepper jelly.

The Daily Burger is an easy favorite in the city, another house-ground double burger, jack cheese, LOP, sesame seed bun with fries. There’s also a White Bean & Quinoa burger choice. You can’t go wrong with the Steak & Eggs either! The Roasted Chicken Club is a solid stack with sweet basil mayo and they even have Avocado Toast.

Salud Beer Shop

Try not to get too carried away with the fascinating beer and wine options here if you have a St. Patrick’s Day destination. Otherwise, bottoms up! From breakfast tacos, to pizzas, sandwiches, wings, and more – there’s a little something for everyone here!

We recommend focusing on any ‘specials’ menu they have food wise, always a hit. The breakfast/brunch chorizo and al pastor tacos with cilantro, onion, scrambled egg are FULL and topped with either chipotle verde salsa or pineapple habanero salsa. Served with potatoes, bacon, or a fairy dusted Tajin fruit salad!

They have great options as far as pizza and wings, and sometimes will surprise us with a creation such as ‘Only Built 4 Cuban Linx’. Imagine a spicy mustard base, pulled pork, prosciutto, dill pickle, jalapeños, mozzarella, cheddar & white onion on your ‘za! Intriguing and wildly flavorful! Turmeric Honey Ranch Wings is not something that would normally be on my radar, but now is.


Need healthier options? Say no more fam. It’s been on our radar before, but definitely is now that we have shared the table with Chef Shari Fargian and gained a new respect for Yafo. Fast-casual Middle Eastern street food that can be done via daily-made breads, spreads, and juices with vegetarian and vegan-friendly menu items. Shawarma-spiced rotisserie chicken, hummus made from organic chickpeas, and so on!

While building your own bowl here is popular, we were pleasantly surprised with another dish. The Cauliflower Stuffed Pita with hummus, cucumber + tomato salad, and green schug hit the spot! Everything worked so well together, and even indulged in the red schug with our friend Kenty for some added heat. Suggested, but you WILL sweat. The Harissa Salmon is crisp on the outside and so tender and scrumptious inside. Don’t forget the falafels and macaroni!

Lincoln Street Kitchen & Cocktails

If you’re searching for more of a sit down choice with actual brunch options, Lincoln Street is it. Avocado toast, Croque madame, Ricotta Berry Challah Toast, etc awaits you! It would be fun to share a lot of this amongst friends if you are in a larger group.

A lot of the dishes are served with some of the best bread in Charlotte, Verdant. Their Eggs Purgatory is their take on sharks hula with spicy tomato, feta, and cilantro. The bread prevented me from licking the skillet clean. They have unique Biscuits and Gravy with three dipping preferences available: sausage gravy, bacon jam, or chocolate gravy. All of the cocktails here are also crafted with magic if you bursting at the seams with St. Patrick’s spirit and just can’t wait.

So no matter where you are coming from or what direction you are headed, don’t forget to stay FULL and HYDRATED for a successful crawl! Wishing you a slightly less hangover than you expect. Good LUCK!

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