The Zeppelin experience is certainly a delightful one. The atmosphere, decor, and service are equally pleasant. But the food! Each month they have specials you will want to plan on indulging in, because a new month means new specials!

Mommoms Spaghetti and Blue Crab is truly a unique treat. Red sauce, mirepoix, NC blue crab, herbs. So simple, but boasts big energy! Absolute must have dish.

The Hanna Hands Farm Rabbit Carnitas is a whole other journey. Prepare to shock your taste buds. Big flavor coming through these little blue corn masa tortillas! Packed with johnny corn salsa, house hot sauce, radish, and mexican truffle. 🤯 Wildly delicious and a first for me with this dish. What pairs better with tacos than tequila?

‘Under The Mango Tree’ is another simple yet divine concoction, an easy sipping beverage with tequila, mezcal, agave soaked mango, and lime.

If rum is more your speed, definitely get ‘Bodhi’s Last Wave’. Rum, coconut and banana washed campri, falernum, orgeat, citrus, and pineapple will have you out here confidently defeating the heat ‘surfing’ looks! This delectable drink actually stole the show at Queen City Nerves Scallywag Social this year and it is very obvious why.

While time is running out for the above mentioned options, you can count on getting insanely creative pickle back shots and scrumptious calamari! The Zeppelin Pickle Back comes with a MOLECULAR PICKLE JUICE SPHERE. So there’s that.

The Point Judith Calamari is bangin’ with a nice little kick of heat with Korean chile, yuzu, serranos, and scallions. Major drool factor. After all of this, I’m sure you can tell you need to get there early to beat the wait! We are ready for the September menu highlights and to check out brunch!

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