Long Live Summer at Waterman!

We tasted FIVE COURSES at The Waterman with a cocktail pairing alongside each to show you what your next dinner needs to look like!

Asheville in August 2020 – Part 1

We took the plunge and a trip! For our one year anniversary, we took three days off in Asheville and if you know us, we donโ€™t waste a SECOND boy!

Beer Me – Week 3

Week three, month 4? We have been majorly slacking. The universe is a wild place right now, but letโ€™s bring it back down a few notches with a frew brews.

Beer Me – Week 2

No better time than the present, here is a round up of our most recent, favorite beers!

Queenโ€™s Feast 2020

The time has arrived to dine like kings and queens though our pockets do not reflect that type of currency. With courses being served at a rate of $30-$35, do not forget to tip your server accordingly! We personally think it is fun when a beverage is involved. Here are some of our favorites on…

Beer Me – Week 1

Cheers to a new year and sharing our favorite beers weekly! We show them off enough in stories, constantly share them with friends, travel (or stalk our friends travels) for brews, so it is time to SHOW AND TELL our favorite suds from our favorite brewery buds. We are really excited to get this rolling…

The Queen and Glass

We finally made our way to The Queen and Glass and could absolutely kick ourselves for not going sooner. Already came in knowing the cocktails would be insane since Bob Peters was behind the bar! After many posts of their rotating cocktails and dishes, we set it in stone last Saturday. Which we are working…

North Italia

A new experience has arrived in South End, and friends, it is certainly one worth writing home (or here) about! Located in the Railyard, the space is fairly large and elegant. We were greeted with a warm welcome both at the door and by our lovely lovely server, Koran. And the Ginger Blossom Margarita and…

Fin & Fino, A Social Seafood House

Upon entry, Fin & Fino is truly a beautiful, elegant space. I was greeted immediately and noticed the way service, conversations, drinks, food – were all flowing seamlessly. Had me ready to let the ship sail in to some serious deliciousness! I shared the table with some other local foodie friends and we dove into…

Jon G’s BBQ

One of our beer buddy’s, Stephen, reached out to introduce us to Jon G’s BBQ, as they are one of his clients! Jon G’s BBQ is a family-run Texas-inspired barbecue food truck. They were ranked #1 BBQ in CLT by the Barbecue Bros over 42 other local BBQ spots! Even the most recently opened Noble…