Beer Me – Week 1

Cheers to a new year and sharing our favorite beers weekly! We show them off enough in stories, constantly share them with friends, travel (or stalk our friends travels) for brews, so it is time to SHOW AND TELL our favorite suds from our favorite brewery buds. We are really excited to get this rolling – so let’s show you beers to grab this weekend before they are gone! Keeping it local this go around.

Divine Barrel Brewing

Juice Demon DIPA 8.3% – Can’t get enough of this one. Major drool. Hazy monster double dry hopped with Sultana & Citra with notes of orange, mango, and a touch of pine for balance. Absolutely delicious.

Jazz Cabbage IPA 7.2% – They crushed this double dry hopped West Coast IPA with Simcoe, Strata, and Citra. Notes of candy peach rings, passion fruit, and pine. Great go-to choice.

The Third Room German Pilsner 5.2% – Classic, extremely drinkable Pilsner. I think you know the right decision when asked “regular pour or side pour?”. A side pour can seem lengthy but it’s a German technique that softens the beer’s carbonation and open delicate flavors.

Resident Culture Brewing Co.

Double Universe DIPA 8.2% – A double version of their Universal Mind, 100% Citra hops including Citra from their 2019 harvest.

Iconic Anonymity DIPA 8.5% – Hazy double hopped with Citra, Mosaic, and Sabro. Another crushable IPA from RC.

There Is No Light Without Dark Black Lager 5% – Toasty and light! Roasty and dark, yet crisp and smooth. Love it.

Wooden Robot Brewery

Sweet Tater Pie Spiced Ale 6.4% – A malty ale brewed with loads of cinnamon and nutmeg. Perfect spiced beer for the season.

Aww Fudge Imperial Stout 12% – Loads of pale, caramel, and roasted malts. Local Belgian-Style Candi Syrup lays down rich caramel notes, balanced by creamy dark chocolate flavor from cacao nibs. Liquid chocolate deliciousness.

Space Magic NE IPA 6.5% – Brewed with wheat and dry-hopped with Citra and centennial hops. Tropical aroma and dry finish. Delish.

Salud Cerveceria

Ned’s Corner Pub TIPA 10.5% – A triple IPA with Citra and Idaho 7 hops. Seriously tasty! Will sneak up on ya.

The Rocky Road Out of Here Imperial Stout 11% (ft Good Word Brewing & Public House) – Brewed with caramel, cocoa nibs, marshmallow, pecan, and vanilla. YUM.

Buela Daisy DIPA 7.5% – A 100% Azacca double IPA. Simple and delish!

The funny part is I had to dial this back a little so, we will learn as we grow, HAHA. Our beer scene just gets better and better. Maybe (just maybe) documenting our beers will make us a little more adventurous with them too. Until next time!