Jon G’s BBQ

One of our beer buddy’s, Stephen, reached out to introduce us to Jon G’s BBQ, as they are one of his clients! Jon G’s BBQ is a family-run Texas-inspired barbecue food truck. They were ranked #1 BBQ in CLT by the Barbecue Bros over 42 other local BBQ spots! Even the most recently opened Noble Smoke.

We were greeted by Kelly, part owner and waved to her hubby Garren, the pitmaster while he was at work serving up tastiness for the folks at The Chamber by Wooden Robot in NoDa! Lovely, lovely folks. We went with the brisket platter, and did not think twice when choosing whether lean or fatty meats. BOTH. With a choice of two sides, mac and cheese & street corn. We added on the Apple Crisp dessert and a glass bottle of Big Red, a Texas tradition.

I would risk it ALL for this brisket! Oh. My. Goodness. It is was insanely tasty and tender. I typically leave the fatty pieces to Danny, but I was not being selective with this meat. Gimme it all! Especially with the Jon G sauce providing a lightly tart flavor. The macaroni boasted big cheeeesy flavor, and the street corn was super unique because it was cold! Certainly a nice switch up and went well with the whole meal. The Apple Crisp was crafted to perfection, and all was washed down with Big Red which with the bold red flavor I was shocked it tasted like cotton candy!

Jon G’s BBQ serves over 150 lbs of brisket, along with pulled pork, turkey, sausage, made from scratch sides, and TACOS! This pork taco was so insanely delicious and it had F R I T O S. Fritos! The entire dinner left us happily and extremely full! Craving our next experience with these folks. Will be stalking their Facebook and Instagram for the next opportunity, hoping we don’t have to wait until October 11 when they revisit The Chambers by Wooden Robot!

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  1. Mike C says:

    Man! That looks great! Killer photos!

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