Winston-Salem Brewery Pit Stop

Typically if we are traveling more than 3 hours, we like to find a stopping point to stretch our legs (more importantly the doggos)! I’ll pull up Yelp and start typing ‘brewery’, hit the ‘Dog Friendly’ filter, and start scrolling through the reviews. We were on our way home from Richmond, VA so Winston-Salem made sense. Wise Man Brewing was the winner! We don’t mind sitting outside with Luna and Laney but not when it is 90 degrees outside.

What a massive, pretty space! The bartenders were extremely friendly and had yummy dog treats for the girls. We both enjoyed our beers! Body Electric is a NE IPA at 7.5% with el dorado, citra, and mosaic hops super good. Dan went for Tropical Shirts, a sour with passionfruit and pink guava. ‘Tasted like I was on vacation with a tropical shirt on’. (Wow I have got to start asking him things more often, LOL). The brewhouse had an older rustic feel I was into. Because we do not pull off the interstate for just ONE place, we had passed Fiddlin’ Fish Brewing on the way in so after confirming it was dog friendly, we headed that way in hopes they would have food. We were too early for the food truck at Wiseman, but enjoyed our time there.

Fiddlin’ Fish Brewing was another larger building within a corporate park. We walked in to a group prepping for their brewery tour, a fun family next to us who was missing their dog so their daughter rolled around on the floor with the girls, and a gentleman that had quite the day and was ready to throw some back. I love when we start conversations with the strangers around us and all of a sudden it becomes more than a quick stop. I was a big fan of their fish puns within the beer names. That Fish Cray NE IPA 7% and For Fish & Giggles Double IPA 8% both for me (I am a hop head), D went with Razz-Cherry Lime Sour and Saison’s My Cherry Pie. I called that he would get the razz-cherry! Great company, beers, and they even had snacks like astronaut ice cream and their own beef jerky, which I of course purchased.

Slanted Shed pulled up to satisfy our hunger cravings and was the perfect snack. The Fried Chicken Sammy and the McLawsuit burger hit the spot. Danny loved his fries so much he added them to his sandwich. I love a good burger and this was it. Definitely look forward to making this stop again, or even coming for a day/night to explore more spots.

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