Fin & Fino, A Social Seafood House

Upon entry, Fin & Fino is truly a beautiful, elegant space. I was greeted immediately and noticed the way service, conversations, drinks, food – were all flowing seamlessly. Had me ready to let the ship sail in to some serious deliciousness!

I shared the table with some other local foodie friends and we dove into the new cocktail menu, ‘Ode To Granny’. Cocktail names inspired by some of the employee’s favorite meemaws! To name a few: Miss Loretta, Juice for Jo-Jo, and Granny’s Grog. All crafted with TLC and it shows. Each drink has a different vibe and the fun glassware is everything- absolutely going back for that. I was pleased with a mezcal and a tequila cocktail option, I feel like there aren’t as many of those offered.

The dishes started circulating around the table and we had no clue what a surprise we were in for! The calamari had the tastiest flavors with pickled carrots and daikon, cilantro, & curry-coconut dressing. Always love to see how diverse a calamari dish can be. That was picked through very quickly and replaced with a seafood Tower of Power.

Wow! Fresh oysters, shrimp, blue crab, mussels, lobster tails, and tuna-salmon poke. A meal in itself! I politely asked before every shrimp / scoop of tuna/salmon/crab I go for. (Because I’m still learning to love oysters.)

The Lobster Roll is your classic salad on a fluffy toasted split top bun! Simple yet pretty perfect. Still craving the tuna and salmon, so the poke bowl was going to be an obvious favorite!

I didn’t plan on falling in love with the fries, but here we are. I’ve told a lot of people about the Furikake Fries with kewpie Japanese mayo. Delectable! As you state how full you are, your hand is still reaching for more!

Surf and Turf contains two of my most ordered dishes when we dine out, sirloin and shrimp! 6 oz prime sirloin, tiger prawn, polenta, collards, jus. Absolutely amazing! I usually slow down towards the end of tastings but I definitely indulged.

It gets better! The desserts were so tempting to the look, even after all of the above! So definitely save room for a sweet finish.

Every single aspect of our visit was truly heavenly. I look forward to returning for more menu items and cocktails V soon whether it be with the hubby (he missed this girls night foodie outing, but almost always gets something brought home!), another girls night, business meeting, or just to stop in for @bkandtheclams cocktails. Huge thank you to Fin & Fino and Dishing CLT for having us!

📍Fin & Fino located at

135 Levine Avenue of the Arts
Unit 100
Charlotte, NC 28202
United States