North Italia

A new experience has arrived in South End, and friends, it is certainly one worth writing home (or here) about! Located in the Railyard, the space is fairly large and elegant. We were greeted with a warm welcome both at the door and by our lovely lovely server, Koran. And the Ginger Blossom Margarita and Sicilian Margarita. The cocktails were spot on.

I was overwhelmed with all of the tasty menu options! Like literally got stuck as soon as my eyes hit the small plates. We were given the opportunity to indulge in one cocktail a piece, one shared small plate, an entree a piece, and each a dessert. The Proscuitto Bruschetta was an easy decision with crescenza cheese, grilled asparagus, truffle, and grana padano. Every single aspect of this was amazing! Perfectly sliced proscuitto, crispy asparagus, the bread was super soft. We hear the Zucca Chips, Beef Carpaccio, and Arancini were also a hit.

We came in to this with the plan of sharing entrees, but Danny was really diggin’ his Short Rib Radiatori, LOL. I won’t lie, the short rib started falling apart before my knife even hit it. Parmesan cream, fresh horseradish, wilted arugula, herbed breadcrumb.. inSANE. The Pig pizza was very good with spicy pepperoni, soppressata, and italian sausage. Definitely appreciated the crust. We were enjoying our time taking in everything, the decor, the open kitchen that was boomin’, the conversations ringing through. Then we were reminded about DESSERT.

One of us is not a huge dessert person (don’t judge me) – but am so, so glad we were able to try! I went with the popular Hazelnut Torta. I am also SO so glad I did that. Nutella cream, hazelnut toffee, salted caramel gelato. I could not stop eating it and was ready to burst at the seams from happiness and overwhelming satisfaction. Danny was kind enough to allow me a half of one of his italian donuts, called Bombolini. I was in awe as pillowy deliciousness that is meyer lemon curd and vanilla mascarpone burst into my taste buds.

If you are someone who likes to ask the waitstaff for advice on selections, this is a great place to do it. Koran had fabulous suggestions, and basically decided our entire experience for us. I may have told him that every time we come back I need him to take care of us. Beautiful restaurant, attentive staff, open kitchen, attached parking (I know yall like that). We have got to go back for brunch, sandwiches, salads, more small plates, all of the things! Thank you again for having us out prior to opening.

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